The Green Cathedral at Forge Neuve

ECOlonie's Green Cathedral at Forge Neuve is a truly wondrous place. The energy frequency there is extraordinarily high. And that means that in our work here, spirituality is always close at hand. This inclusive spirituality, closely intertwined with our awareness regarding the state of Gaia, brings us to an awareness of unity of life.

Over the years, the Green Cathedral became a more sacred place to experience healing and cleansing powers in order to open and follow our own source. When our subtle feeling soul opens up, a development towards more unity between humans and Gaia, Mother Earth, can begin. And the possibility of newly acquired knowledge being whispered to us arises.

In 2024, we will continue on our line of activities at Forge Neuve. Thus, for the fifth time already, we are answering the call of the Nature Beings to organise a Gathering with them. This time with our special guest Marko Pogacnik, Slovenian and Unesco artist for peace. He will share with us his knowledge in the joint quest to collaborate with nature's intelligence.

The week before, Jacqueline van den Eerenbeemt will again invite us to connect with Gaia through Biodanza and listen to the messages of nature, the nature beings and the universe. Jan-Hendrik Veenkamp will also give his vocal and vocal liberation weeks again, including a sound two-day Earth Songs. There we will experience the purifying effect of silence and sound, by tuning in with and in the forest in all simplicity. Finally, like last summer, Irma Soetekouw will hold a 'Retreat week' at Forge Neuve, to 'still and move' and make a transformative connection with nature and your own nature.

There will be a number of sweat lodges at Forge Neuve, including the one in the May holidays. Then Lieke Deelstra with a 'Mini nature retreat' and Ruud Pleune through 'The voice of nature' are already coming with their own contribution to use the Green Cathedral as a research and practice space for the trinity; body, soul and spirit.

We are still discussing with 'The Women of the Forest' how and when we will shape our 'Queest to female values' this year.

In all this, we seek the deepening contact with Gaia, listening to the energetic messages and the visible forms that can develop from them. As earthlings among earthlings, we want to explore and create our rightful place in the delicate fabric of our coexistence with those natural energies.