ECOlonie is situated just outside the little village Hennezel in the Lower Vosges in the northeast of France. You will find it 370 km east of Paris, 70 km south of Nancy, 35 km southwest of Epinal, near the small town Darney. We are easily reached by rail or by road. The surroundings are splendid for walking and cycling.


1 Thietry
88260 Hennezel

Surroundings of ECOlonie

ECOlonie is located in the lower part of the French Vosges. It is a hilly, wooded area. The forestry Darney, in which ECOlonie is situated, is one of the largest deciduous forests in France (12,000 hectares). Here many species of mosses grow (a sign of pure air) and various types of orchids, some rare. It is also home to foxes, deer, wild boar, badgers, birds and even lynx.