In the gardens of ECOlonie one may enjoy the luxuriant growth and abundance of flowers, organic herbs, vegetables and fruits, whilst walking, working or doing other things.

The purposes of our gardens are manifold:

  • To produce organic vegetables, herbs and fruits to be used in our kitchen as well as for preparing herbal teas, fruit jellies and other products.
  • A limited sales of products in our shop.
  • Educational: over 120 kinds of herbs and over 30 different kinds of vegetables are to be found in our gardens. Enjoy a tour of discovery: their names are written on markers at the plots.
  • For experimentation, for instance with different crops, plants and cultivation methods.

Beyond that they are just delightful places to explore, to sit and read a book, to ponder and roam about or whatever!

In order to have space and room for all these activities we arranged the layout of our gardens in a present time way. You will find differently shaped gardens and special spots. In the herbal garden you will find some seats in idyllic surroundings.

Broad paths run through the vegetable gardens enabling children to run around and play about. The 6 meter high pyramid in the centre is admissible. It is meant as a piece of art as well as being a symbol of unity: all in life is connected and all life forms are but one.

Many people staying at ECOlonie like to lend us a hand at gardening. At the different plots, varying in kind and size, there are always several jobs to be done.

The applied organic method

We cultivate vegetables and herbs in an organic way. We do not use just one specific organic method. Experience and knowledge of many pioneers in organic farming and cultivation are integrated with the circumstances, climatic conditions and characteristics of this specific place, jointly with the skills and knowledge of garden lovers present at the time.

Organic cultivation means to us that we combine above mentioned functions of the gardens as efficiently as possible in cooperation with nature. Our aim is to create a multifaceted and balanced eco-system based on a healthy soil where plants can grow happily. Pests are mainly regulated in a natural way by making the gardens attract as many insects as possible. The pond, herbs and flowers between the vegetables are supportive to a complex eco-system. E.g. if you look for them you will find ladybirds all over the gardens! These creatures eat hundreds of aphids in a day, so they are very welcome visitors.

Our gardens are just one example of organic cultivation. If you are interested we would like to tell you more about it all.