Vision and starting points

By means of the points of foundation and the vision of ECOlonie, we wish to express our view that life is a continuous, unifying experience. Founded in 1989, ECOlonie houses a vibrant, ecological association in continuous development.

Ecology (the thesis of ecological thinking and acting) at ECOlonie goes beyond healthy and organic gardening and building. Ecology is a philosophy that includes all aspects of life - both physical and spiritual. 'Eco' is derived from the Greek word oikos , meaning to feel at home. To feel at home somewhere simply means 'to feel at ease, to be able to be yourself'.

At ECOlonie, creativity and spirituality inspire the development of this vision to include environmental sustainability and the daily experience of nature. Each individual can define their own spirituality, as we focus on being undogmatic, down to earth and practical.

We aspire to make viable the utopic dream of a durable, multi-faceted, humane society through the atmosphere and activities available at ECOlonie.

ECOlonie is an association - not a private property. In this way, all who meet at ECOlonie do so on an equal base. The only requirement is a shared belief in our starting points: living in harmony with nature and being respectful of each other. In view of our central location, we aim to be a European centre where different cultures meet in a friendly, committed and open atmosphere.


Pictures of the residents of our community.

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In 1989, a group of people sharing ecological ideals purchased the Thietry property (6 hectares.)...

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