Here are the answers to questions asked most often about working as a volunteer (we also call it "participant"). We ask you to read the Letter of Introduction (PDF) (also given to you upon arrival).

What is a volunteer?

A volunteer participates in ECOlonie for a short period of time (with a minimum of 14 days and a maximum of one year).

Can I be a volunteer at ECOlonie all year?

It is possible to work and stay at ECOlonie from the beginning of February to the end of December.

What are the working hours of a volunteer?

We expect you to work five days a week, eight hours a day. One day per week you have a full day off, as well as one morning and one afternoon in the course of the week.

What kind of work may be asked of me?

One may work in the vegetable or in the herbal gardens, at the goat farm, in the guest house or kitchen, do renovation or construction work, at the sites, on the land, at the administration or reception, do cleaning or laundry jobs, work in the shop, and so on.

What do you offer me?

We offer room and board. This means that meals and refreshments are provided and that you will be staying in your own tent (in summer time), caravan or room.

Are volunteers covered by an insurance?

ECOlonie cannot be held responsible for any illnesses or injuries occurred during your stay here. We expect you to have, or to take out your own medical and accident insurance. A travel insurance may serve the purpose.


Smoking is prohibited on all our sites for residents, participants, and from January 2020 also for guests. PLEASE NOTE: we expect all participants not to smoke at all. Even off our sites. The motivation for this you can find in our Letter of Introduction (PDF). This letter contains, amongst other things, a lot of practical information about your stay at ECOlonie.

As a volunteer will I be allowed to bring my dog?

No, we are sorry, but for practical reasons that will not be possible.