Since October 2005 we enjoy the use of a farm and 14 hectare of (meadow)land. This farm is situated at 700 meter from our main site ’Thietry‘ (with e.g. our campsite, guesthouse and gardens).

In January 2006 we extended our activities by keeping dairy goats at La Ferme. Obviously they are kept in a way based on organic views. Initially the milk is used mainly to produce different kinds of goat cheese. Last but not least we keep chickens as well to get fresh eggs, initially just for our own use (in kitchen and shop).

The farm is a wonderful additional cell to the ECOlonie organism, besides all the other projects. The animal aspect is well represented by these goats and chickens and the fulfilment of our dream to follow the natural cycle of nurturing-sowing-harvesting-nurturing (manure) comes closer. Before, we got manure from outside ECOlonie, now our own animals produce it for us, whilst being fed with produce from our own land: the hay is mown on our meadows and lawns and the vegetables we use to feed them, grow in our own gardens (e.g. carrots, beetroot etc.).

The herb garden complements the dairy farm too: to create different tastes fresh herbs can be used in the cheeses.

All this means that a marvellous new twig has grown out to a fully flowering branch on the tree called ECOlonie. Besides producing regional handmade products, educational purposes may become an important factor too and many people dream of working on a farm, on the land or with animals.