In 1989, a group of people sharing ecological ideals purchased the Thietry property (6 hectares.). The buildings served as a holiday 'colony' for children until 1984, hence our name: 'eco' and 'colony' = ECOlonie.

From early 1999 through late 2004, the site, buildings and lakes of La Forge Neuve ('The New Forge') were added to ECOlonie. This hammock is located in the Ourche river valley, 2 kilometers from the Thietry site. It is a special place of unique beauty, with a peaceful, quiet atmosphere.

Purchased in 2005, La Ferme ('The Farm') consists of 14 hectares. It rests on a hill 700 metres down the road from the Thietry site, completely surrounded by meadows and forests. We began by keeping about 90 goats in January, 2006, and during the course of 2007 we began producing cheese from their milk.