Our policy on the coronavirus period and our vision for the future - how we can help each other in this difficult period.

From mid-March to mid-May

Our self-sufficient life has helped us to minimize our contacts with 'outside'. We have been able to practice in dealing with each other, based on the established protocols, such as keeping the one and a half meter distance, washing hands a lot, keeping doorknobs clean, etc.

From mid-May until the end of May

We have carefully started to invite the first volunteers again. We will also begin to allow the first guests to come again at the end of May / beginning of June. With each individual we will discuss how their circumstances have been over the past weeks, explain our protocols and then decide if it is wise for them to come. In this way, we think we can develop a responsible lifestyle on our grounds.

The period after the end of May

So far, it is unclear when the French government will allow us to welcome guests again. We keep high hopes and anticipate a positive outcome. We call on everyone to book their stay when they would like to come to us. Payment can wait until it is definitely clear that we are allowed to welcome guests again.

Especially now!

How great would it be to celebrate life together this summer. That the holiday may become a celebration; an emptying (vacare), so that we can start again. Our place is perfect for this: clean air, healthy organic food, the spacious radiation-free nature campsite and like-minded people.

The energy that comes from this call will be much needed by us all.