ECOlonie is a place not just for a rest, you can also choose from a range of activities. For example walking, cycling, being creative, yoga. But also activities aimed at sustainability, such as vegetarian cooking, working with herbs, ecological gardening. And to get to know our community even better, we invite you to help out, for example in the vegetable garden, fruit garden and herb garden, in the kitchen or with the dishes.

The available activities differ from season to season. Most things are on in summertime. In July and August, several kinds of workshops are available, mainly lasting half a day. To subscribe to these just register at the spot. During spring and autumn breaks we offer extra activities, for instance guided walks.

Below you will find the agenda with activities in English (reservation needed). Activities that are offered all year round (not necessarily in English) are listed below the agenda.

In the week from 8 to 15 July 2023

From 9 to 14 july 2023

For the fourth time, we invite you to attend the Gathering. Three years ago, there was a call to the organisation of Ecolonie, for the first Great Gathering. The nature beings invite us to an exchange in an environment that is safe and clean for them at Forge Neuve. Each year, through this, we experience forces at play on more than just the human plane.

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In the week from 26 August to 2 September 2023

From 26 august to 2 september 2023

This course combines conscious dance, shamanic techniques, ceremony and the power of being in nature. We will meet Gaia as archetypal personification of Earth, dance with her and invite her to dance through us.

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Activities throughout the year. Ask us for possibilities.

Art studio

In our art studio and (weather permitting) outside you may occupy yourself being creative in an artistic way. Adults as well as children may work here with the help of an experienced person.

At the rhythms of your footsteps…

ECOlonie: the ideal starting point for the wanderer! Either roaming the countryside endlessly or going for a short walk, alone or with other people: explore the possibilities for walking about at ECOlonie and you may find out the deeper meaning of it. 


The Visions of ECOlonie

ECOlonie is more than just a very special holiday resort. Getting acquainted with our way of life as a community and our outlook on life in general turns out to be a source of inspiration to many. Once a week, in the early evening, we enjoy exchanging ideas, views and thoughts with interested guests.

Organic gardening

The organic vegetable and herb gardens are a very important part of ECOlonie. If you are interested we are happy to discuss them.

In July and August one night a week an information evening is held about our vegetable gardens and there are guided walks through the herb garden. We will talk about its origins, cultivation methods, crop rotation and so on. Of course it is possible to lend us a hand in the gardens too!

Solar power with solar cells and water revitalisation system

Interested people will be offered information about these on request and may have a look at both systems.

An important part of the water used at the campsite and in the large kitchen is being heated by solar power. A system developed by ourselves takes care of optimal transference of solar warmth to the water for the showers and kitchen.

Also all our pipe water is revitalised by a Grander water revitalisation system. This means that all tap water takes on its original properties.


The eco-path is permanently present at the site. It consists of a guided tour along several information panels informing about ways of using alternative energy. For instance the solar cells, compost toilet, water cabin, etc.

Forge Neuve

Mythical magical tour on Forge Neuve

On Forge Neuve, two and a half kilometre downstreams from Ecolonie in the natural valley of the Ourche, there are quite a few places where the energy of the unseen and most of the time unknown worlds can be experienced. On this tour we will explore the Green Cathedral. We will give an introduction on the development history of Forge Neuve. En we do some excercises to experience the energetic power of some special places. On a silent walk we will visit six powerplaces. Afterwards you can enjoy your self at the Thee Saloon or take a swim over there. This tour usually will take place on Wednesday in the afternoon. It takes one and a half till two hours and starts at the Chapel on Forge Neuve.

Earth school class

Gaia speaks to us...

Say hello to the clouds, listen to the water or dance with the trees...

Find a way to walk your path on this beautiful planet

Bring your own curiosity and good intentions, nature will do the rest

Counselor of Nature

In the silence of the forest, the murmur of the water, in the scent of grass or the energy of a power spot on Forge Neuve, everywhere you can let the secrets of life speak to you. Reflecting on nature or listening to your ear laying on the earth, her lived wisdom is in everything around us. You can even ask the nature beings to support you. Or do a small ritual in which you confirm your intentions. During an individual session I give you the space to deepen and strengthen your contact with nature. And you will receive guidelines to continue working on this yourself. If possible you can receive and be grounded in what will be spoken, organized and/or done by you in your life.

Offering an activity yourself

It is possible to give workshops yourself at ECOlonie. A workshop is a short activity for the duration of perhaps (half) a day. Participants register at the spot. Workshops may be given too in periods other than the summer-program time. Please contact us for more information.