Before you apply

Please make sure that you have read these pages before you apply:

  1. Volunteering options
  2. Frequently Asked Questions
  3. Letter of Introduction (PDF)

We can imagine that the information, our rules and our vision give cause to questions. We walk a road not simple or conventional. Don't let this frighten you; reality might be much more simple. You are not asked to learn our vision by heart. It is about understanding and feeling the essence of this vision. We also are never finished in this and we practice every day here to shape it into a liveable, touchable form.

Your current situation, your skills, profession(s), education(s) etc.
If you know the dates of arrival and departure already please mention these as well.
If so, do they interfere with our requirement to work 40 hours per seven days?
If so, can you inform us which kind of medication you use so we are able to judge if these might influence your work. Note: we treat this information confidentially.
Enter the above characters (all letters are in the lower case). So we know you're not a robot.